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Time to Meet a Scientologist -
18 October 2010, 9:01 am

“It wasn’t that I was incapable before,” states 37-year-old Assaff Rawner  (pictured), an Israeli born, UK-based motion control camera robotics wizard whose technology is used on Hollywood blockbusters. “Scientology just made me more able to do what I want to do. What I’ve learnt is how to control the physical universe around me, so that I can make it do what I want. I’m Assaff, and I’m a Scientologist.”

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Re: [Google] Time to Meet a Scientologist -
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It all just sounds so.............happy go lucky, doesn't it?

Let us compare the story above with that of the newly blown:

This time, the “gun to the head of the salesman” did not work. I could not pass the “disagreement check” in order to fire on this sales trip. Others went in my place (and got no orders from any account). Some time later, I was labeled a “stat crasher” and sent to the Pac RPF.

It was there that I met almost 100 SO vets who had been offloaded from the Int base by orders of COB. Each one with the r-factor that they would be declared if they routed out.

I won’t fully recount here what the PAC RPF is like. At best it is a gulag where time stands still. The only thing that makes it bearable are the some of the dedicated staff there. Some had been on the program for seven years or more. That is seven years without a day off, no contact with wife or family, no music, twenty-minute meal breaks. A phone call to your parent’s on Christmas day. A day otherwise spent cleaning floors and toilets. For the most part the RPF is kept hidden from the public and staff. For the most part, we helped build sets for the Int events and furniture for the “Ideal Orgs”.

At one point, following an IAS event, the RPF was allowed to watch the video of the event where Tom Cruise receives the IAS medal and is proclaimed by DM as “the most dedicated Scientologist I know”. I looked over at the guy sitting next to me, a man who had worked on the ship with LRH, had been an SO member for over 25 years, who had been on the RPF for 6 years separated from his wife and family. Really? An actor who has been actively disseminating for a couple of years is the most dedicated Scientologist on the planet?

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Re: [Google] Time to Meet a Scientologist -
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But TC is such a, such a.....a GIVING person. ;) Can't you see that?  ???
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