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Those who were paying attention during the rezoning of the Atlanta Idle Org in Sandy Springs will  remember Eva Galambos. She passed away on Sunday, April 19, 2015.

Sandy Springs 'founding mother,' first mayor Eva Galambos dies - AJC

Eva Galambos, the “founding mother” of Sandy Springs who led the 2005 push for cityhood and served as the new city’s first mayor, died Sunday afternoon.

Galambos, 87, died of cancer, according to a statement released by Sharon Kraun, spokeswoman for the City of Sandy Springs.

“Flags around the city of Sandy Springs will be lowered to half-staff, marking the passing of the city’s founding mother,” Kraun said.

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From her obituary:

It is with great sadness that the family of Eva Cohn Galambos announces her death on April 19, 2015. In her own words to family and friend, she lived a long and fulfilled, a very good life. Born in Berlin Germany on July 1, 1928, Eva Cohn and her family escaped the Nazis and moved to Italy before eventually making a home in Athens, Ga, where her father was among the faculty for many years at the University Of Georgia Law School. Eva's fondness for travel likely took root reading from her grandmother's memoirs. Those who knew her also knew of her love of flowers and gardening, that love planted during Sunday walks in Italy where Eva and her sister, Marianne, would gather stock for their imaginary flower shop. \Determination is one word frequently associated with Eva Galambos. In school, she took great pride in making good grades – all A's, save one B for a college personnel management and accounting course, which she found dull. Galambos graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Georgia. Enjoying labor relations and business cycles, she pursued a master's degree in Labor and Industrial Relations from the University of Georgia. Eva later earned a Ph.D. in Economics from Georgia State University. Eva Galambos always followed her own path. Where women of her day typically majored in teaching as a college major, Eva majored in business administration. Her first professional job was as Associate Editor of the Atlanta Journal of Labor, writing local copy to interest the union members. In writing a feature about a locomotive engineer's life, Eva "broke" the rule against women in the locomotive, traveling the mainline from Atlanta to Greenville and back as she gathered interview and color for the story. Life had a way of helping fuel Eva's love for activism. When rents began to rise at what she thought were unreasonable rates, Eva helped campaign for rent control. She used her skills honed from statistics classes to develop charts to substantiate her argument, surprising the Atlanta City Council and earning a "thank you" note from then Mayor Hartsfield.

Sandy Springs Mourns Loss of Eva Galambos - Sandy Springs, GA: Latest News

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Condolences to Sandy Springs and others who will miss her.

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