Author Topic: Protest report, narconon of Georgia 2009-06-06  (Read 2176 times)

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Protest report, narconon of Georgia 2009-06-06
« on: June 06, 2009, 15:54 »
Our picket at narconon at 5688 Peachtree Parkway today went pretty well.  Around noon, they started coming out, and waiting for the red van to take them away.  We held our signs so they could see them.  Someone videotaped us.

The red van left with a load of people, and we saw cameras aimed at us through the darkened windows.  There were some people who remained behind.

One guy, who I'm pretty sure was a "student," slowly came toward us.  Raven yelled, "You can come and talk to us."  I had my "In memory of Patrick" sign, and he approached Stu and me.  He said, "He died in their care? How?"  I told him Patrick had overdosed while on the program, and asked how he could have gotten anything to OD on while in a rehab where he was supposed to be watched."  The guy looked thoughtful for a minute, then said, "I just wondered why you're protesting a belief."  I told him we weren't protesting a belief, we were protesting abuses by scientology, and that narconon is scientology.  He asked "what abuses?" and I asked him if he had internet access.  He said he could get it, so I told him to search "scientology" and "abuse," and "narconon" and "danger."  He said "put those in as search terms?" and I said yes.  I asked him if he was in the narconon program, which he declined to answer (can't really blame him) and said, "I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions."  I told him we didn't mind answering questions.

One of the other people called him back, and soon after, they loaded 6 guys into a gold king cab Ram, and left.  We waved as they passed, and the guy we had talked to waved back.  Nice.  Hopefully, the others will have asked him what I said, and he will tell them.

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Re: Protest report, narconon of Georgia 2009-06-06
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2009, 20:56 »
Awesome report, EC!  It really covers things well. 

I had fun, and heard a lot of horns blown in support of us. A lot of people waved at us, too, and one flipped the bird.  But I count it all positive, because it meas we got at least SOME sort of message across!

hm .. what else can I say?  Narconon (or, as it was called "a treatment facility") called the police on us with privacy concerns over the people some 50+ yards into the parking lot from us.  The poli9ce came, watched us for a few minutes, and let us know why they were there before they left.

But we did pull something on them: The narconon people were panicking a little, sending people out of the other entrance of their parking lot, and then we left ...

BUT WE CAME BACK a little while later and did it all over again!

Afterwards, a group of us took a ride down to another area and fliered everything in sight!  We used a LOT of tape and loads of dead trees.  Hopefully we'll get a little attention from it ... or at least hopefully Scientology will get a few more critics out of it.


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Re: Protest report, narconon of Georgia 2009-06-06
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2009, 21:22 »
We protested Narconon in two shifts a before lunch one and an after lunch one. 

I stopped by the local police station to make sure they knew we were protesting and everything was a go.  The officer I talked to was GREAT!  I explained we were protesting narconon because it is run by scientology  and they often break the rules.  He made a face when I said Scientology and then said:" so they are doing things incorrectly"   

The first shift started out kind of slow, but after narconon found out we were there it got a bit interesting.  They sent two different people down to take our pictures.  I of course smiled and waived. 

Narconon drove their student van up to the entrance we were protesting.  Normally they leave out a different exit when we are there.  However, it soon became obvious why.  They had people in the back of it taking pictures of us.   

Soon we realized a group of guys was still up there.  Eventually one of them came down down to see us.  I yelled to him "its ok  you can come talk to us" . He did, but it was on the side I wasn't on. I understand he asked a few questions and Ethercat gave him some info. While this was going the other people at the top of the hill yelled for him to come back.  I know he did ask why we protested a belief and he was told we protested abuses. He did see our Patrick Desmond signs.  He waived back to us as he left with the other men.

The after lunch protesters had no sightings of narconon students or photographers.   However, narconon did call the police on this :P  We had a police car stop down the road and watch us.  Later he drove in and two more showed up.  A fourth one drove by and never turned in.  After awhile two officers pulled up and did come talk to us. They let us know they knew we weren't doing anything wrong and everything was fine.  After 30 more minutes we gave up cause the heat was killing us............

We hoped in the cars and drove of to atop secret place and put out over 200 fliers and a pile of yftc.

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Re: Protest report, narconon of Georgia 2009-06-06
« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2009, 01:17 »
Well done, ATLanons!

I would ask the next person who tries to confront you at NarCONon with the "belief" line of BS be asked why s/he thinks it is appropriate that a supposedly secular treatment center promotes any "beliefs" at all, and why Scientology does not like it that its connection to NarCONon and the similarity of the "treatment program" to Scientology "training routines" (recruitment / mind control) is promoted.

If Scientology is so great, why does it try to hide that NarCONon is one of its front groups?

Also, when choosing a treatment center, why not pick one that is either free or less expensive, and one that actually has a better track record? Give these people links to the Stop Narconon & Narconon Exposed (etc) websites. Point out that their figures are artificially inflated (and vary wildly, depending on where you look, unlike the stats of legitimate treatment programs), that the glowing reports from "students" are coerced (they can't "graduate" until they write one), that recidivism among addicts is high yet they place recent "graduates" into staff positions and ignore the danger that this poses, and that their "treatment" of hot saunas and high doses of niacin can be medically harmful (especially to the liver) and the "science" behind the treatments is WRONG (toxins stored in body fat can not be perspired out of the body).

Again, WELL DONE. And huzzah for the sympathetic cops, and LOL at the Scilons trying to intimidate through outdated cam / vid tech.
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