Author Topic: Addiction rehab lodging laws in the state of georgia  (Read 2234 times)

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 I am currently looking for any information regarding the housing of individuals in drug rehabilitation programs within the state of Georgia. Both in and out patient laws.

 Specifically looking for similarities within those laws to that of sex offenders, I.E, notification of local communities/subdivisions/condo or apartment complexes of the presence of said operations. Please post any information you may have on this subject in this thread !

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Re: Addiction rehab lodging laws in the state of georgia
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Rehab 'lodging' is a misnomer. You either mean someone who rents out rooms to people while they are in rehab or you mean Sober Living houses, where addicts/alcoholics go after and live and learn to get back into society after a stint in outpatient or residential rehab ( learn to handle 'people, places and things', go to regular AA or NA meetings, live with others in a supervised fashion to gain success in order to go back home. Usually 3-6 months stints and are either privately paid or run by  non-profits with state grants and donations.

If these people living at a sober house are on maintenance rehab ( like Methadone) they would be treated separately at a clinic or by their physician, but this is after detox and some time in rehab, so as to  enable them to move on to the next steps of living in the real world, drug free.

Any business that promotes a residential rehab living situation providing rehabilitation with a separate location for housing would be considered a Residential Rehab facility and be under state licensing reqs.

You can find GA state licensed facilities here under the category

Health Care Related Facilities
then either category of Narcotic or Drug treatment centers

*Community Living Arrangements in GA  are usally for the elderly, mentally ill or disabled to assist them with support and a place to live after transferring from a hospital or nursing home. 

Some places might take in addicts and alcoholics but they would have to be licensed as Community Living Arrangements are, I believe. This is where sober living houses might be licensed, if at all. 

You can look here for the many licensed Community Living Arrangements locations.

You can also contact the GA office of regulatory services to clarify whatr is and isn't licensed

Office of Regulatory Services

The Office of Regulatory Services (ORS) inspects, monitors, licenses, registers, and certifies a variety of health and child care facilities.

Contact Information
Two Peachtree Street, N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-3142
Voice: (404) 657-5700
Fax: (404) 657-5708

Rental living as well as Sober living homes are regulated, if regulated at all, by the county and/or township they are in. Zoning laws and such apply, usually.

At least this is my understanding of things from my experience with helping victims of Narconon.

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Re: Addiction rehab lodging laws in the state of georgia
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