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October 1 Protest at Narconon
« on: October 02, 2010, 21:19 »
5 people attended a protest at Narconon.  Can't exactly say it was uneventful, but it was peaceful and non-confrontational. 

About 45 minutes into the protest, a woman arrived, claiming to be the building manager (where have we heard that one before??*) and telling us that she wanted us to leave because her other tenants were complaining about us.  This was funny because a number of people who looked more like business people than narconon students had come and gone and had given us big smiles and waves when they passed. 

She said we were on private property, which we politely disputed because we had been on the sidewalk the whole time we were there.  She then claimed the sidewalk was part of her personal property.  She said she was calling the police, to which I replied, "Ok" because we had already notified the police as a courtesy that we would be out there.  She had parked her green SUV not too far from us, and just before the policeman arrived, she left.

We had a cordial conversation with the officer, full of smiles.  When he asked why we were protesting, I told him that we didn't like this particular drug rehab because it is dangerous.  When he asked for elaboration, I just smiled and told him if we elaborated, we could be talking all afternoon, but there was plenty of information on the web about them.  Someone offered him one of our fliers, but he declined.  I understand that he needs to stay neutral, but if he's interested, he will find out more on his own.  I think it's better not to push information on them, or bend their ear about OMG! Scientology! and just stick to the issue at hand - our right to protest.

After he went to speak to the person who had called, and couldn't find her, he came back to give us the standard script - which I took over for him before he completed: Stay on the sidewalk, don't go on private property, don't go in the street, don't block traffic in and out, and by then he was grinning at me.  I told him, "We're veterans" and grinned back.

At one point, Gordy Weinand drove out, and we waved.  He acknowledged us with a nod.  That was cordial of him.  We wondered if he recognized us from the fair...

Some other interesting stuff happened, including Pants-On-the-Ground guy who gave us all a big laugh, and there was some additional info from the officer that I didn't hear, so I will let someone else tell about that.

It was wonderful weather for a protest!

*At the org on North Shallowford in Dunwoody, several times we had someone claiming to be the owner of the leased building speak to people, usually saying the scientologists would be moving soon, which they have done in the last month, at least a year later.

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Re: October 1 Protest at Narconon
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2010, 21:54 »
It was a beautiful day for a protest.

A vehicle full of "students" presumably from the Narconon apartments or sauna, was driven into the Narconon parking lot via the furthest driveway from where we stood. A counselor/staff member was speaking with them after they piled out of the vehicle, pointing frequently in our direction.   

Once again, we were thoroughly photographed.

The "pants on the ground" incident involved a student (we think) who took a few pics of us with his cell phone and then lost his pants going back up the hill. lol. He seemed like a nice kid and he was shaking like a leaf while he took the pics. Of course, there could be a few reasons for that, but I wondered exactly what they were told about the protesters. I'm sure it was just the usual propaganda.
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