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Press about the May 2nd Nashville protest
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 Friday, April 24, 2009                                            
 Nashville Scientology Protest May 2nd                                     
 East Coast Anonymous Joins in Protest of Cult Expansion in Nashville.

Nashville Anonymous protests the expansion of the Church of Scientology in Nashville by hosting a regional protest. The Anonymous collective will converge on the site of the Nashville Celebrity Centre Ideal Org, slated to open April 25th at the Falls School Business Center. Anonymous from Washington DC, St. Louis, Colorado, Maryland and throughout the Southeast will participate in this important event to raise awareness of the dangers of the cult of Scientology.

This is a critical time for Nashville. The Church of Scientology has publicly announced intentions to expand in the area, and has purchased a grand new home to that end.[1] Nashville-based protesters have joined with critics from other areas to respond by informing residents of the cult’s criminal history, and their persistent disregard for the concerns and well-being of their neighbors.

In Clearwater, Florida, where the cult has its largest stronghold, downtown is dominated by Scientology. When they first arrived in the 70’s under an assumed name, they literally came with plans to take over the town. The FBI’s 1977 raid on Scientology offices revealed a number of nefarious operations intended to assert control of Clearwater, legitimize the church, and silence criticism.[2] One operation, “Project Normandy”, called for the collection of information on designated targets, information which would be used to “penetrate and handle [the targets] in order to establish control.” Despite the exposure of these plans, and attempts to halt them, the cult exercises enormous influence over the city today.[3]

Clearwater is the most dramatic and shocking example of the kind of influence that the Church of Scientology can attain, but it is not the only one.[4] On May 2nd, Anonymous will bring attention to these and other abuses by the Scientology organization through public protest and distribution of informational flyers and critical resources. Both the curious and the critical are welcome to attend.

The protest will take place Saturday May 2nd at noon at the intersection of 8th Ave. South and Edgehill. For more information, please visit or contact


For more information about the cult of Scientology:
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Re: Press about Nashville
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I'm bolding my favorite quote from this article:

Laws Broken In Scientology Church Security
Permits Expired, Officers Not Identified As Off-Duty
Reported By Dennis Ferrier

POSTED: 3:42 pm CDT May 7, 2009
UPDATED: 6:07 pm CDT May 7, 2009

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- There are problems with how security for a Nashville Scientology event was handled, and laws appear to have been broken.

Video: Scientology Church Security Breaks Laws | HOME VIDEO: Scientology Protestors, Guards Have Spat | Video

In a home video, a group of protesters walk toward the Church of Scientology on the day of the church's grand opening and are stopped by security guards, who knock one protester to the ground and have him arrested for criminal trespass.

The altercation happened 400 yards from the church, on the other side of the street.

Public Works pulled all of the permits taken out for the Scientology event. The permits -- all of them for sidewalk closing and lane blocking -- are for the wrong day. They're for the day before the event and expire before the scuffle occurred.

In addition, three of the five security guards were off-duty Spring Hill police officers working in Nashville, which can only be done if local police are notified and officers are wearing uniforms clearly identifying them as off-duty police officers.

"The armed people from the other county are not identified police officers," said John M. L. Brown. "You're looking for a problem."

Brown, a Fraternal Order of Police attorney, has been defending police officers for 32 years. He said he finds the officers' actions hard to defend.

"Nashville's a capital city, and there are protests in Nashville with some frequency," he said. "I don't think that mentioning a bologna sandwich is a recognized law enforcement tactic."

The security firm hired by the Church of Scientology was Hayes Security on Gallatin Road. A representative of the firm said that the matter is being turned over to its attorneys.
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Re: Press about the May 2nd Nashville protest
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YouTube videos (snippets of WSMV channel 4 local news coverage, Nashville, an NBC affiliate) about the unprovoked attack on the peaceful protester (a teenaged student) that sparked the multi-state Anonymous rally (Nash Mash) event:

Part 1:

Background info: The Scilons keep trying out the "bomb / death threat" lies, and, naturally, have never been able to prove these claims. They went so far as to make a professional hi-def DVD that purported to be an Anon-authored video ripped from YouTube; funny how the aspect ratios and quality were far superior to any video one could download online.

They are only "so scared" after they screw up and get nailed for it AGAIN. This also happened in LA. Cultist clowns with Anon, later whines she was "scared." This, like the Nashville Scientologist interacting pleasantly and at length with Anon protesters (before later claiming to be "so scared"), was documented with photos and videos.

Part 2:

Quick summary:

Scilons are going to have a hard time running "spin control" on this footbullet.

1. Peaceful protester attacked 400 yards away from (and outside of) closed street signage.

2. Protesters told that Scilons "bought" the sidewalks, and that "closed street" also applied to sidewalks. No parallel thru-way was provided for foot traffic.

3. Permits for Scilon event were for wrong day, had expired the day before.

4. Protester "44" was trying to comply with order to leave, was tackled to the ground anyway.

5. Hayes Security personnel, which were apparently from Spring Hill, TN, did not ID themselves as off-duty non-Nashville LEOs. The local Nashville LEOs are all familiar with the Anonymous protesters and have a good rapport with them, and vice versa.

6. Security initiated and escalated all interactions without provocation.

7. Security did not wear appropriate uniforms nor did they check with local Nashville LEOs to let them know they would be working in the area, both of which are violations of the law.

8. Even had the permits been valid, the protester was tackled and handcuffed and dragged away OUTSIDE of the area the permit was supposed to cover, and he and the three females with him all complied with orders to remove their masks (which they technically did not legally have to do), to stop proceeding down the sidewalk, and to leave. Even though they were leaving, and had unmasked, "44" was tackled from behind, dogpiled, and dragged off.

9. An attorney for local police is interviewed and notes that he finds the behavior of the security personnel difficult to explain or defend.

10. Hayes Security is refusing to comment, and has referred the problem to lawyers.

Note that Scientology resorts to bullying peaceful protesters exercising their first Amendment rights *frequently*. This is just the most recent incident.

See more Scientologist misbehavior on these two "Scientologists Behavign Badly" playlists on YouTube. One has 200 examples / videos documenting Scientologists world-wide behaving abominably, assaulting protesters, and so on. Another includes the two Nashville videos referenced above, and ~40 more incidents of violent or inappropriate behavior by the cultists.

* Scientologist Noelle North in LA tries to bar a family with two little girls from getting lunch at a Subway sandwich shop located near the cult building unless they unmask for the Scientologists wanting to take their pictures for Fair Game (critic harassment) purposes.
* Scientologists hold loud, late-night, weekly gatherings on a public street, which is shared by residents, and forces them to park elsewhere, and to present ID and proof of residence before allowing them to go to or from their own homes.
* Scientologists try to prevent a disabled elderly woman with a walker from crossing a public street.
* Scientologists throw eggs at protesters.
* Scientologists throw water on protesters (many examples).
* Scientologists bodyslam another peaceful protester after fiddling about with his car, zip-tie his hands behind his back, steal his cameras, rip his mask off, and shove a female protester into a van bumper when she tries to aid him.
* Scientologists videotape vehicle tags, follow protesters home on the road, try to follow protesters home on public transport / subways, follow protesters on foot for a mile while they walk to another protester's private residence, and so on.

Lots of eyebrow-raising gems in these playlists.

$cientology Hurts Friends and Family--WHY WE FIGHT:

Scientologists Behaving Badly (collection 1):

Scientologists Behaving Badly (collection 2):

If you are new to protesting, or concerned about how Scientologists might behave (they also photograph and video non-protesters and innocent bystanders; you don't have to protest to be surveiled or to have your privacy invaded by the cultists), these YouTube videos will give you a taste of both how the cultists behave, as well as the general shoddy condition the Org buildings are kept in, world-wide.
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