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Narconon in California / Re: Narconon Warner Springs goes "ideal"
« Last post by Sunshine on April 17, 2021, 11:34 »
ALL of narconon’s facilities are for sale in Warner Springs.
Across the Backyard Fence / I am alive and Qanon is a joke
« Last post by SocialTransparency on December 01, 2020, 11:33 »
 >:D Whats up my fellow activists. Hope none of you subscribe to this latest insanity. Stay safe. We here know 3 people who have died due to COVID19.
Hi Peter, this is interesting. Most likely this gift to NNFC is related to bills owed in 2018 when they closed up. According to letters from the State, they were going to complete the remaining 2 admissions and then close up. Then they did close up, as followed up by the State. I'm sure there were debts and related bills owed that ABLE or Narconon Int asked other programs to contribute towards. This was a Naronon East US program managed by Narconon Int.

In case you didn't get a chance to read the last several reports and letters sent to them by the state regarding a shortage of required # of licensed counselors, and the settling of closing up, You can find the here

The closure information
SA0130110 - Closure Letter - 06-14-2018.pdf
Closure Documents

SA0130110 - Closure and Follow-up - 06-14-2018.pdf

The 2017 followups and back are good background information as well.

For yourself, or anyone reading this, one can search any of his programs in Michigan by going to this link
Hahaha! Love this. Karma is a bi*ch 
Maybe he'll find someone to loan him the money to get a nice refrigerator box to live in.

From the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Readers, I verified the authenticity of, and have been in contact with, cuevaspsikis who posted above. He is currently posting anonymously for safety purposes. See the above request, written in Spanish and English, requesting information. Help if you can :) I have shared this on Narconon critic pages and in related groups. Share if you can. Thanks!
Estimados amigos, soy un investigador y divulgador sobre sectas en España. Estamos buscando a víctimas de Narconón España. He conocido a algunas víctimas de Narconón hace más de una década pero he tenido dificultades para localizarlas. Podrían ayudarme con ello?. Estamos preparando algo para informar y prevenir (programa tv top en España), si quieres puedes responderme o contactarme y te amplio información. Por supuesto, la información será tratada con total respeto y anonimato.  Puedes escribirme también a   . Muchas gracias.
Dear friends, I am a researcher and disseminator on cults in Spain. We are looking for victims of Narconon Spain. I have known some victims of Narconon for over a decade but have had difficulty in locating them. Could you help me with that?. We are preparing something to inform and prevent (tv top program in Spain), if you want you can answer me or contact me and I will give you more information. Of course, the information will be treated with total respect and anonymity.  You can also write to me at . Thank you very much.

"bringing Wickstrom's total delinquency to $3,039,264."  ||||||||\\\\\\\:D

I suspect this idiot thought having LLCs ( Limited Liability Companies ) would protect him from being personally liable for self employment taxes and personal income taxes. LLC's are essentially self employment, with limited liability protections only for the owner being sued or held personally liable for some business expenses.

So much for those entities he set up
"Also interesting is the fact Wickstrom's luxe Florida pad is managed by his Michigan LLC, Truman Management Company, LLC. Truman is the trustee of “The GMEN Revocable Trust”, and the home's owner."

I wonder if the trust is being audited  (:E(

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