Author Topic: Drugs, Alcohol & the Teenage Brain Presentation  (Read 7464 times)

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Drugs, Alcohol & the Teenage Brain Presentation
« on: August 11, 2016, 04:28 »
These are the types of presentations that should be given in schools, not LRH's bogus "Truth about Drugs" cult recruitment crap. Putting this here for future reference.

Drugs, Alcohol & the Teenage Brain Presentation
Jennifer Ross from Decatur Police Department

Our partners at Decatur Prevention Initiative (DPI) are co-hosting a presentation with the Decatur High School PTSA and Decatur Parent Network on "Drugs, Alcohol & the Teenage Brain" tomorrow evening, Thursday, August 11, 2016 at 6:30 pm at the DHS Performing Arts Center.

Neuroscientist, Dr. Kyle Frantz, will speak about the teenage brain and its vulnerabilities to easily abused substances.

Learn what the effect and impact is on the developing brain, when teenagers often engage in alcohol abuse and drug mis-use (the brain is not fully developed until approximately age 25). students will also attend a presentation by Dr. Franz in the coming weeks, so this is your opportunity to become prepared for an informed discussion with your teen.

Dr. Frantz is a recognized expert in this field. She is currently a Professor of Neuroscience and Senior Faculty Associate of Special Programs at Georgia State University, and Director of  Science Education at the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience.

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Re: Drugs, Alcohol & the Teenage Brain Presentation
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Agree! That looks good, snippy.
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