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[Yahoo] From Adams to Haiti (North Adams Transcript)
« on: February 20, 2010, 05:00 »
From Adams to Haiti (North Adams Transcript)
20 February 2010, 12:53 am

Saturday February 20, 2010 North Adams Transcript ADAMS -- While the world attempts to aid the nation of Haiti over a month after a massive earthquake left the country in shambles, one local man had decided to do what he can to assist the impoverished nation. Rich Girard, a 63-year old building contractor from Adams has decided to join a group of Church of Scientology volunteers

Girard said he hopes to use his experience as a building contractor to help with construction efforts in the country. He said he recently spoke to a church member that had just returned form a three-week trip to the county who said that solid buildings are in high demand because Haiti's rainy season is about to start and the tent cities they people have been staying in will not hold up.

"She said that as you leave the major city, all the buildings that are still standing are so rickety you can't even risk being in them." Girard said.

In addition to using his talents as a builder, Girard said the Church of Scientology has plans for the volunteers to assist the expert relief crews already on the ground.

"We'll go out with the doctors and aid workers and assist them hauling gear or supplies, handing out food or medicine," Girard said. "Plus, as a member of the church, I'm trained in helping with dealing with trauma and injury recovery."

Girard is also bringing with him a half dozen soccer balls as a personal gift to the Haitians he meets as a way of helping to relieve the stress, strain and grief of the disaster.

"Playing a game isn't going to be the cure to all the problems," Girard said. "But when you're playing a little soccer, maybe it'll help take your mind off of it for at least a little while."
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Re: [Yahoo] From Adams to Haiti (North Adams Transcript)
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2010, 09:21 »
Well, I can surely see how the construction help would be welcome.

Touch assists for trauma victims and soccer balls at this stage of the game are probably not what the people of Haiti are hoping for.
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