Author Topic: Have You Told All? Inside My Time With Narconon and Scientology  (Read 77865 times)

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Thanks again.  I hope that one day my daughter sees how I fought for freedom, truth and justice at the same time as our rights together and working to preserve her relationship with her mother as well.  Despite how I am treated, I feel children deserve as much love as possible - it's not their fault that some people aren't playing nice and shouldn't be deprived.  The Golden Rule applies.

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I re-stumbled upon this last night.  It was Gary Smith's response to NBC back in April.  A couple things stood out for me.

First were these sentences:
Decades of research support the effectiveness of these treatment methods in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We are dedicated to providing students a safe environment free from distractions and supervised by qualified trained personnel.

Um, no, decades of research do not support effectiveness.  In fact, the new series just released shows quite the opposite and proves Narconon has been twisting the figures to their own liking.

Also, I think anyone outside of Narconon/Scientology would have an issue with the description of employees as being "qualified trained personnel".  Trained by whom and for what?

The other thing I realized is that a few years ago Gary started calling himself the CEO of Narconon Arrowhead rather than the Executive Director.  I think this gives a little insight to the mindset of it being a for-profit corporation that makes millions.  Look it up for yourself - Executive Director is the title generally accepted for non-profits and CEO usually designates for-profit companies.  The fact that Arrowhead has had somewhere between $12 million and $24 million in cash in the bank is indicative of that.  This money is stashed, per L. Ron Hubbard policies governing churches of Scientology, in bank accounts labeled as the Main Account, the FSM Account, the General Liability Fund, the Building Fund Account, the Book Account, the Reserve Account and others.

Clark Carr refuted years ago what Gary Smith said just recently:
Quote from: The SP Times
Narconon has done numerous internal studies to verify its claims, but Carr acknowledged they "are really not that solid." Narconon never has submitted in its 37 years in the United States to independent, clinical study necessary to silence critics, Carr said.


He must have been able to see into the future - it's those OT powers, I tell ya!
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Re: Have You Told All? Inside My Time With Narconon and Scientology
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Narconon, Scientology, and the Battle for Legitimacy
                   Stephen A. Kent

From today's Underground Bunker article:

Professor Kent takes on Narconon

There is none better in academia than University of Alberta professor Stephen Kent, and we’re happy to see that he’s written a new article on Narconon which is now online.

Here are a few lines from its abstract…

“I argue that Scientology initially wavered about acknowledging its program to be part of its ‘religion,’ but eventually dropped this claim as it attempted to get Narconon programs and teachings established in communities. I show, however, the intimate association between Scientology and Narconon courses, and present some of the evidence that the program lacks scientific validity – especially its Purification Rundown.”
I am a volunteer advocate for victims of the Narconon scam. I am a former scientologist. I post anonymously. Mary McConnell is my long time nom de plume. Feel free to contact me for assistance in righting the wrongs.