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scientology and IAS and Super Power claims
« on: November 17, 2009, 23:03 »
from here

We have begun our claim against these two front groups and have agreed on payment arrangements with our attorneys. They are charging me a basic small fee to start as a % of the claim plus an ongoing minimum hourly rate and filing fees.
 Should we win funds paid will be deductible from the very reasonable contingency fee.
 There are already more than 20 of us going for this (if you are in that group please PM me to get confirmed that you are on board)
 Ex Scientologists who want to claim their IAS and Super Power contributions back after learning the true nature of the modus operandi and use of 'fund raising' by the Cof$ are free to PM me to get their details lodged with our team of attorneys too.
 If you know others who want to join in on this action but are not regulars at ESM please pass on the message, also feel free to cross post at Scio kids and WWP.
 I will PM all those I know the actual details which I can't post here.
 We have a very sound legal strategy that binds such fund raising and the fund raisers obligations to their public, which we contest the CofS is at odds with.                                                                     __________________
             Kevin Bloody Mackey

I find this very exciting.  cos is having a really really bad month!  Nothing will stop the cult from expanding faster than lots of suits taking up their time and money.   Getting all their crimes on court record is a huge bonus too.

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Re: scientology and IAS and Super Power claims
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2009, 05:17 »
Huzzah! Scientology likes to tie people up in legal troubles without just cause--sometimes they don't even care if they win, as long as they harass some poor schlub with legal threats.

How are they going to like being tied up in court to face victims of their greed and theft who DO have just cause for complaint and legal action?
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