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Sterling Management or WISE Another Front Group
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WISE is an integral part of Scientology and WISE licensed consultants like Sterling Management Systems get money for every new Scientology recruit they are urged to make. To maximize the number of recruits does WISE distributes a 300 page "Consultant's Guide to Bridge Dissemination" manual. Bridge = Scientology speak for "Scientology path". The manual contains an entire section of sample waivers and legal forms so you will have a hard time sueing them in the case you get defrauded by Scientology.

Sterling Management Systems

Company information

    * Sterling Management Systems is WISE affiliate. Chairman and owner of Sterling Management Systems is scientologist Kevin Wilson. The Sterling Management Systems site mentions Scientology and Hubbard. Corporate information on J. Chase Wilson Corporation, Sterling Management Systems Inc. and Emery Wilson Corporation, all based in Glendale, California.

      In sofar I have figured out, Sterling was the old dba (doing business as) of Emery Wilson Corporation. and then at one point Sterling changed to being the dba of J. Chase Wilson Corporation. That last corporation owns currently (June 2004) the trademark on the typed form "Sterling Management Systems" (image).

Company Service Marks

From the US Patents & Trademarks Office


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