Author Topic: Hubbard's Barley Water Formula For Babies Of Stupid Parents  (Read 1995 times)

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Hello Everyone,

Pediatric Dermatology, University of Miami, Miami, Florida 33125, USA.

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is necessary for the formation of collagen, reducing free radicals, and aiding in iron absorption. Scurvy, a disease of dietary ascorbic acid deficiency, is uncommon today. Indeed, implementation of dietary recommendations largely eradicated infantile scurvy in the US in the early 1900s. We present a case of an otherwise healthy 2-year-old Caucasian girl who presented with refusal to walk secondary to pain in her lower extremities, generalized irritability, sleep disturbance, and malaise. The girl's parents described feeding the patient an organic diet recommended by the Church of Scientology that included a boiled mixture of organic whole milk, barley, and corn syrup devoid of fruits and vegetables. Physical examination revealed pale, bloated skin with edematous, violaceous gums and loosening of a few of her teeth. Dermatologic findings included xerosis, multiple scattered ecchymoses of the extremities, and perifollicular hemorrhage. Laboratory and radiographic evaluation confirmed the diagnosis of scurvy. The patient showed dramatic improvement after only 3 days of treatment with oral ascorbic acid and significant dietary modification. In this case report, we revisit the old diagnosis of scurvy with a modern dietary twist secondary to religious practices. This case highlights the importance of taking a detailed dietary history when evaluating diseases involving the skin."

Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,


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Re: Hubbard's Barley Water Formula For Babies Of Stupid Parents
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I'm not quite sure what your question is. If you're looking for nutritional advice for children, look here:

Also, scicrit did a nice series of posts on this subject, on his blog.
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Re: Hubbard's Barley Water Formula For Babies Of Stupid Parents
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:w:e:l:c:o:m:e: to our forum, JoeClark!

I'm not sure what it is you are looking for either, but those links mefree gave you should help you better understand where this crazy 'barley formula' came from.

Appreciate you mentioning that reference. Its a dangerous formula to give babies. When I was a scientologist, I never gave it to my infant. Of course I never mentioned that to anyone at the church. I just ignore Hubbard's advice.
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Re: Hubbard's Barley Water Formula For Babies Of Stupid Parents
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Hi JoeClark,

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