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Scientology and Excalibur
« on: June 23, 2009, 12:16 »

Can anyone explain to me in small words the link between Excalibur and Scientology?  I keep hearing it brought up, but I have no idea what the bigger picture is in regards to this.

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Re: Scientology and Excalibur
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It was supposed to be a "lost" LRH manuscript that would cause the improperly prepared to go insane if they read it. Much like all of us have gotten pneumonia and died over 9,000 times from reading the OT3 material.

One of the Dianetic "ghosts" that has haunted auditing and training rooms is rumors of a super-super book by the author of "Dianetics", which, in the telling, gained such monumental proportions that at one time, the unpublished manuscript was offered to anyone anxious to satiate their curiosity for $1,500 - specially printed, bound, and boxed, with a key to protect its precious contents. There were many inquiries, but no takers, and the Editor knows of only one bargain seeker who thought his rights as an "Associate Member" entitled him to buy "Excalibur" for half price, as he could other books in the Hubbard word factory.

But the sale never was made, and the would-be purchaser was advised that if he was seeking "data", more could be found in "8-80" than in the "mystery book", and we know of none other wishing to risk $1,500 - or even $750 - to see if they, too, would "go insane" as rumor claimed happened to the first halfdozen who read the manuscript on "Excalibur".

Actually, we began to discount the existence of any manuscript by this name, classifying it with the many claimed "clears" whose actuality and/or identity have been and still are as transient as the seasons. We didn't DENY its existence - we just remained skeptical. And there is a difference.

That skepticism now has been punctured by the accompanying story, written from a tape made by our trusted writer, Arthur J. Burks, which he sent to another skeptic, Art Coulter, and which was forwarded to us. Since Mr. Burks edited the manuscript when it still was "hot" from the typewriter, we feel that his analysis and report are more acceptable than the 99, 867,234½ rumors which have been more or less in existence for the past decade.

We have no illusions that publication of this data will stop the deftly-planted rumors concerning "Excalibur", since those most susceptible to the "mystery" are not ABERREE fans or subscribers.

But for posterity's sake, we offer this evidence that there actually WAS a book called "Excalibur", and that ALL of the first six persons thru whose hands the manuscript moved didn't have happen to them what rumor says happened to them.

It's not all that exciting, really.

LRH was probably in the process of stealing some other authors' works again, planning to sell it for at least $1,500.00, and he either got lazy and never finished his plagiarized nonsense, or he got sidetracked by other con jobs he was running on the faithful that were already known moneymakers.
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Re: Scientology and Excalibur
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2009, 20:34 »
I always viewed Excalibur as another step up the so called bridge( Course) the scientologyists subscribe too. In other words, another angle to extract money from the sheeple.

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Re: Scientology and Excalibur
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I seem to remember Gerry Armstrong reporting that when he was researching the (unwritten) official Hubbard bio, he looked for the ms of Excalibur. Apparently, it never existed; just another of Hubbard's little jokes on the suckers, er, I mean pre-clears...

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